Checking the engine oil

Checking the engine oil  - Engine oil - Maintenance and Specifications - Lincoln MKZ Owners Manual - Lincoln MKZ

Refer to the scheduled maintenance information for the appropriate intervals for checking the engine oil.

1. Make sure the vehicle is on level ground.

2. Turn the engine off and wait 15 minutes for the oil to drain into the oil pan.

3. Set the parking brake and ensure the gearshift is securely latched in P (Park).

4. Open the hood. Protect yourself from engine heat.

5. Locate and carefully remove the engine oil level dipstick.

6. Wipe the dipstick clean. Insert the dipstick fully, then remove it again.

Х If the oil level is within this

Х If the oil level is within this range, the oil level is acceptable.


Х If the oil level is below this

Х If the oil level is below this mark, engine oil must be added to raise the level within the normal operating range.

Х If required, add engine oil to the

Х If required, add engine oil to the engine. Refer to Adding engine oil in this chapter.

Х Do not overfill the engine with oil. Oil levels above this mark may cause engine damage. If the engine is overfilled, some oil must be removed from the engine by an authorized dealer.

7. Put the dipstick back in and

7. Put the dipstick back in and ensure it is fully seated.

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