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Push button start system  - Preparing to start your vehicle - Starting - Driving - Lincoln MKX Owners Manual - Lincoln MKX

Your vehicle is equipped with the push button start system. You can start your vehicle by pressing the start button in combination with the brake pedal rather than using a key.

The start button is located on the instrument panel to the right of the steering wheel.

In order to operate the push button start system and start the vehicle,

In order to operate the push button start system and start the vehicle, your Intelligent Access key (IA key) must be present inside the vehicle.

1. Press the START/STOP button (for any length of time) while applying the brake pedal. Your vehicle has a computer assisted cranking system that assists in starting the engine. After releasing the button, the engine may continue cranking for up to 10 seconds or until the vehicle starts.

Note: You can start the engine from any ignition mode. Note: The indicator light on the start button will illuminate when the vehicle is in on mode and when the engine is started.

2. After idling for a few seconds, release the parking brake, apply the brake, shift into gear and drive.

There may be areas inside your vehicle where the IA key is not detected.

If the message NO KEY DETECTED appears on your message center when you press the START/STOP button, it may be necessary to move your IA key to another area within the vehicle. The IA key may not be detected near the roof (between the driver or passenger sunvisor and the roof, or in the overhead console area) or in the extreme corners of the rear package tray, near your audio speakers. It is not recommended that you stow the IA key in these locations. If you move the IA key to a location where it has been detected before and you still see the NO KEY DETECTED message, your IA key’s battery may be low or you may be in an area with excessive radio frequency interference. If this occurs, you can use the back-up method to start your vehicle (see below).

Backup method of starting: Your IA key uses a radio frequency signal to communicate with your vehicle and authorize your vehicle to start when you press the START/STOP button and apply the brake pedal.

If excessive radio frequency

If excessive radio frequency interference is present in the area, or if the battery in your IA key is low, it may be necessary to start your car by inserting the IA key in the backup slot, located at the front of the center console storage compartment. Insert the IA key into the slot with buttons facing down and with key ring out.

After inserting the IA key into the backup slot, use the START/STOP button and brake pedal to start your vehicle as usual. The vehicle should respond normally as long as the IA key is in the backup slot in the center console. Once the vehicle is started, the IA key can be removed from the backup slot, if desired.

Fast restart feature: The fast restart feature allows you to re-start your vehicle within 20 seconds of switching the vehicle off, if a valid IA key is not present when the vehicle is switched off. When you switch your vehicle off without an IA key in the passenger compartment or trunk, the message RESTART NOW OR KEY IS NEEDED will be displayed in the message center. You can re-start the vehicle (by applying the brake pedal and pressing the START/STOP button) for up to 20 seconds, even though the IA key is not present. After 20 seconds have expired, you can no longer start your vehicle without the IA key present inside the vehicle.

Switching the vehicle off when not in P (Park): It is recommended that you shift into the P (Park) position before switching your vehicle off. If you switch your vehicle off with the shifter in any position other than P (Park), the message SHIFT TO PARK will be displayed in the message center. If the vehicle is left in this state, your key in ignition chime will activate when the driver door is opened, and you may drain your vehicle’s battery. In order to avoid draining your battery, it is recommended that you always shift to P (Park) before or immediately after switching your vehicle off.

Absence of the Intelligent Access key: Once the vehicle has started, the vehicle will remain running until being turned off by the START/STOP button, even if the IA key is no longer found in the vehicle.

Whenever a door is opened and then closed while the vehicle is running, the system will search for an IA key inside the vehicle and the message center will display NO KEY DETECTED if the IA key is no longer present. This message is a reminder that someone else in the vehicle may have taken the IA key when exiting the vehicle. If the IA key is no longer present in the vehicle, you will not be able to re-start your vehicle outside of the Fast Restart time (see Fast Restart Feature above). It is important to be aware of where your IA key is located in the vehicle, to avoid becoming stranded without an IA key.

Your vehicle may have remote start capability. Refer to Remote entry system in the Locks and Security chapter.

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